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Mystery Skin Simulator for LoL 1.2.7
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Unofficial League of Legends Mystery Skin Simulator.Do you want tobuy a Mystery Skin but you have no idea what could possibly drop?Well, now you can check it out. Download the app and find out!Appinfo:- All current droppable skins (so this excludes: promo skinsand default skins),- All current champions,- The default settingsearches from all possible skins,- You can adjust the search byselecting skins you want to drop from (the search engine will onlytake those into consideration),- You can also adjust the search byselecting champions you want to drop from,- It is possible tocombine skin and champion selection,- Inventory with skins alreadyunlocked,- Skins that were unlocked are removed from the list toavoid dropping the same skin twice.- There must be at least 10skins in the pool (same as ingame),- A search option (you can clearthe field you are using with the clear icon next to the searchbar),- Katarina animation :)- This app does not affect the originalgame drop in any way and is just a simulation,- The app is free andalways will beThings to do in the future:- A more advancedinventory system.For any comments/bugs/suggestions please contactus at:[email protected] you write to us to submit abug please remember to tell us what device you are using.LolMystery Skin Simulator isn’t endorsed by Riot Games and doesn’treflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officiallyinvolved in producing or managing League of Legends. League ofLegends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks ofRiot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.
Tower Clicker 1.1.1
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A simple tower clicker game, enjoy :) Questions? Problems? Ideas?Feel free to send them to [email protected]
Quiz po polsku 1.1.1
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Wciągające pytania przekrojowe z różnych dziedzin, które sprawdząTwoją wiedzę. Znajdziesz tu m.in. pytania ze sportu, architektury,kosmosu czy tradycji świątecznych. Rozwiązuj kolejne quizy orazpoprawiaj wyniki starych. Quiz po polsku to nie tylko świetnazabawa ale również kopalnia wiedzy.Captivating question cross fromdifferent fields that will test your knowledge. You will find,among others, Questions from the sport, architecture, space andChristmas traditions. Solve subsequent quizzes and improves old.Quiz in Polish is not only fun but also a mine of knowledge.
English Grammar Quiz 1.0.0
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Learn English through solving short quiz tests or challengeyourself in an almost infinite extreme mode. English Grammar Quizis suitable for everyone at any level, it only depends on how highyou want to raise the bar. Start as a beginner and leave as amaster.
Two Player Fight 1.0.2
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Two Player Fight. Prepare for the ultimate challenge. This summer,friendships will break, foes will arise, alliances will be formed.All of this, in an epic fearsome battle between two arch rivals!Let the game begin!Two Player Fight. Prepare for the ultimatechallenge. This summer, friendships will break, foes will arise,alliances will be formed. All of this, in an epic fearsome battlebetween two arch rivals! Let the game begin!
BeerMeUp 1.0.0
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Beer clicker app to end all beer clicker apps. Made for beer loversand aficionados from all over the world.Tired of keeping track ofhow many beers you had at a party? Curios if you drank enough aleto fill a bathtub? Beer Me Up will quench your interest, answeryour questions and maybe even help make this planet a betterplace.Drink, check stats and unlock achievements, all in the nameof the holy grail of all beverages.
Clicker Galaxy 1.4
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Get ready to tap like you've never tapped before in this addictingnew game!Collect gold, purchase upgrades and watch your planetevolve!
Ball Count 1.0.1
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Tap the ball as long as you can.
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